Our line of stainless steel bottles Olly was much appreciated by the producers of high quality extra virgin olive oil. 

Why did we choose stainless steel for our bottles?We chose it simply because it is absolutely the best material to preserve olive oil: it is not by chance that it is the same type of steel used to preserve the just pressed olive oil. 

The stainless steel, indeed, protects the liquid from air, light and high temperatures, without emitting undesirable substances that could spoil the scent and the chemical composition of the olive oil. But we choose steel also because it is 100% recyclable, and it can be reused endlessly without losing any of its original properties. The life cycle of steel is potentially endless, it is a permanent resource, essential for the development of a sustainable economy.

We wanted to dress these endlessly recyclable bottles in a different way, concretely sustainable, thus, with the collaboration of our partner Mixcycling®, we’ve developed new closures in Sughera®, a blend based of cork waste originated from our production, to which we’re happy to give a second life.